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Arturo Enrique Miranda Castillo

Areas of Practice:

Banking, Insurance & Securities.

Corporate Finance & Capital Markets.

Investments, Mergers & Acquisitions.

Project Finance & Commercial Real Estate.

Family Offices & Private Equity Funds.

Corporate, Tax & Securities Law.

Corporate Governance & Financial Structuring.

Tax Planning & Risk Management.

Summarized History of Arturo Miranda Castillo  

Arturo "Enrique Miranda" III, Underwriter, Administrator, Lawyer, MBA, LL.M., MFIN, Executive and/or Independent director in dozens of legal entities, specialized in capital markets, commercial real estate and private equity firms. As a political science statistician, he is an avid geopolitical and macroeconomic analyst of public, fiscal and economic policies; regional bilateral relations, regulatory global interconnectedness and its impact on the real economy, financial portfolios and long term investment projects. He has structured, financed and placed a wide array of complex financial and/or corporate real estate transactions having negotiated thousands of investment contracts in between a global investor base of institutional, corporate and individual clients. Additionally he has facilitated the underwriting and legal-financial structuring of investment projects as well as divestitures and corporate reorganizations. Specialist in the collection, analysis and evaluation of data and expert in legal-financial risk management using legal and financial instruments for balance sheet refinancing’s, asset/liability restructurings, and financial divestments.

Holder of dual Panamanian and Chilean citizenship, he is a summa cum laude Law & Political Science graduate and a practicing Attorney-at-Law licensed by the general business chamber (4th Chamber) of the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama. He attended the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School and received his Master of Business Administration in Finance from Florida International University’s Chapman Graduate School of Business, and in the capstone corporate simulation his team finished #1 in financial metrics as he served as the CFO of the project.

He holds a Post MBA from INCAE Business School and a Master of Laws in Law and Management from INIDEM Business Law School. He has a Master of Financial Management from the Business School of the Adolfo Ibáñez University in Chile. He has a specialization in financial markets, trusts and securities from ADEN International Business School, and a specialization in law and corporate finance from INIDEM Business Law School and ESADE. He completed the program on business strategy focused on operations at MIT Sloan School of Management and strategy & innovation focused on marketing at Kellogg School of Management. He attained executive education in risk management focused on financial markets and institutions at NYU Stern School of Business and financial management focused on corporations and issuers at Columbia Business School, among others.

Concurrently, he participated in specialized executive education programs as follows: advanced negotiation & agile project management at the University of California-Berkeley, Haas School of Business, Center for Executive Development; strategic brand management & strategic services marketing management at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Ross School of Business, The William Davidson Institute; strategic financial analysis & strategic cash flow management at the University of Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business; financial analysis & project management at the University of Louisville; and new techniques in financial valuation & investment strategy from INCAE Business School.

He is one of a few local multi-tiered licensed professionals as he connectedly maintains his registration as custodian in the general business chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama, registration certificate as conciliator and mediator issued by the Ministry of Government of Panama, his principal executive and securities license bestowed by the Superintendence of the Securities Market of Panama; his commodities license issued by the National Commodities Exchange Commission, his real estate license granted by the Technical Real Estate Board, is an appraiser with resolution awarded by the General Directorate of Domestic Trade and a financial advisor with resolution awarded by the General Directorate of Domestic Trade, which was updated for the following sub-specialties / activities: 1-Administration of financial markets. 2-Other activities auxiliary to financial services activities. 3-Fund management activities. 4-Advisory services, consultancies, project designs; these last four granted as a whole by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Panama.  

He organically acquired in 2007 (and up until 2014) a financial institution as an institutional client, which averaged during that period of time $46.5M in assets under management, the principal correspondent being Deutsche Bank London and NYC. He worked in the structuring, negotiation and execution of corporate bond issuances following the private placement regulations of Panama and of private equity capital and convertible notes following the private investment company regulations of Panama, having negotiated and executed hundreds of investment contacts in between an ample array of institutional, corporate and individual clients, from USA, Europe, Canada and LATAM.  

As a financial attorney and corporate executive he has transacted and executed contracts across a diverse range of asset classes, both in the primary and secondary markets, in between capital markets and private equity, including but not limited to: residential, commercial and investment properties, common stocks, equity preferreds’, exchange traded funds, and trust securities; mutual, hedge and private equity funds; government and corporate bonds, convertible notes and corporate loans; bank letters of credit, asset backed securities, and to a lesser extent structured products, derivatives, currencies, and commodities. He also has advisory and transactional expertise in complex corporate and/ or real estate projects, from inception and underwriting as well as implementation and execution, with extensive experience in integration, financing, costs, risks, acquisitions and spin-offs. He has concomitantly dealt with special situations such as reorganizations, restructurings, refinancing’s and divestitures.

He has operated for over a decade and a half at the cusp in between global corporate finance and transactional financial law, being well versed in the field of corporate and collective negotiation, with a strong focus on deal design, implementation and execution whilst managing domestic regulatory affairs and corporate entrepreneurship, business development, relationship management and investor relations.  


His uttermost and total dedication, commitment and devotion during this course of time gave him a myriad of successes and achievements, the main merit of having achieved accredited investor status.

Achieved a milestone in early 2014 having closed directly, with his team at the time, one structured deal worth $20M for a corporate client using Citibank NYC as a correspondent for the transaction, which at a minimum took a year to achieve to finally close the deal in one single day.

He served as strategic financial reorganizer of a securities brokerage firm and interim general manager from July 25th, 2013 up until February 19, 2015 when he retired from the company and returned its management to the founder, president, majority shareholder and legal representative.

Professional Licenses:

Lawyer No. 13,755 granted by the general business chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama.

Custodian No. 0314 registered at the general business chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama.

Conciliator and Mediator No. 1391 by the Alternate Conflict Resolution Directorate of the Ministry of Government of Panama.

Principal Executive License No. 343 SMV-280-12 issued by the Superintendence of the Securities Market of Panama.

Securities License No. 343 CNV-229-07 issued by the National Securities Commission of Panama.

Appraiser No. 611253 Valuation activities for movable and immovable property with resolution granted by the General Directorate of Internal Commerce of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Panama.

Financial Advisor No. 107709-08 resolution granted by the General Directorate of Domestic Trade of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Panama.

Real Estate License No. 1417-06 issued by the Technical Board of Real Estate of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Panama.

Commodities License resolution Nº1-18 issued by the National Commodities Exchange Commission of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Panama.

Authorized Public Translator resolution No. 656-06 from Spanish to English and vice versa issued by the General Secretary of the Ministry of Education of Panama.

International Affiliations:

American Bar Association (ABA).

International Bar Association (IBA).

The Appraisal Institute (AI).

Professional Affiliations:

National Bar Association (CNA).

Panamanian Association of Business Executives (APEDE).

Corporate Governance Institute of Panama (IGCP).

Chamber Memberships:

American Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Panama (AMCHAM).

British Chamber of Commerce of Panama (BRITCHAM).

Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP). 

Charitable Organizations: 

Casa Esperanza, Aldeas SOS, FANLYC.


FIU Alumni Association, INCAE Graduates Association, Playa Coronado Residents Association, Panama Golf Association.


Coronado Luxury Club & Suites, Santa Maria Country Club.

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